process350x230 In order to begin the intake process, I ask that you consider completing the Intake Form which you download on the Contact page and either email or fax the form back so that I can be prepared for our conversation. Fax (916) 972-9500.

Counseling Intake Process

If you are pursuing counseling or group classes, then the next step would be for me to obtain information about your situation and determine if I would be an appropriate interventionist.  If not, I would do my best to provide you with specific referrals, or recommendations about finding the right provider.  Should we decide to work together, then we would have an intake appointment in order to review background information, develop goals for our time together, and for me to assess the appropriateness of the intervention. Regular appointments would be scheduled at that time.

Assessment/Consultation Intake Process

If you are pursuing assessment for yourself or your child, then the next step would  be for us to discuss the nature of your concerns.  I would then develop a specific assessment plan in order to thoroughly evaluate the issue(s).  It is very helpful for me to have copies of previous evaluations and current documents, such as IEP’s, in order to develop an assessment plan. You should also plan to make copies of all school report cards, including teacher comments, in preparation for our evaluation.

Once I understand your question(s), I will provide you with a detailed evaluation/consultation plan, a cost quote, and propose specific dates for the assessment services. At that point you can decide whether or not this seems like the right direction and if you want to book appointments for the evaluation or consultation.

Prior to the first in-person appointment, you will receive a packet of forms that will give you an opportunity to provide more detailed input into the history and current situation.   If your thoughts are not fully reflected in the forms I provide, you are welcome to add notes or examples as you see fit. On scheduled assessment dates, both parents are not required to bring the student for evaluation as these appointment times are spent primarily with the student.

After the assessment, we will have a scheduled session to discuss the results of the evaluation.  This appointment is for parents (not students) and is typically 1 to 1.5 hours in length.  At that time you should have a clear understanding of the issues at hand, as well as a plan to address any concerns.

After assessment or treatment has ended, you are always welcome to keep me updated through voicemail or email and to return for tune-ups as needed!