individualcounseling350x230 I know that the process of considering counseling and starting counseling is hard, whether it is for yourself or your child! I try to make it comfortable by having a confidential but frank intake discussion with you by telephone in order to determine if my services will fit your needs. Though counseling would be centered on your child, I always involve the parent in the process and keep them abreast of important themes in our sessions. I often recommend specific behaviorally-based techniques to parents in order to support the child’s changes. I would provide individual counseling to children and teens in a number of areas that are centered on maximum functioning in the school setting. Counseling goals might include improving a child’s understanding of their learning differences, enhanced personal and interpersonal functioning, identification of the effects of video games/media use on personal functioning, managing attention deficits, reducing anxiety that is present at school, or coping with temporoary changes (such as a move, parental separation, etc).