counselingoverview350x262 Counseling in my practice is offered on a short-term basis to individuals and their families for behavioral and emotional factors that affect a student’s performance in school. I have limited availability for individual counseling appointments, and am also careful to stay within my scope of practice and competency. My individual counseling philosophy is rooted in cognitive-behavioral theory, which is a directive and didactic form of treatment. In lieu of individual consultations, I have many group classes available to teach parents and kids new skills, and to perfect newly-developed skills (see Groups tab). Some of these services are available to be added to an Individualized Education Plan if your child is eligible for special education, but current diagnoses are not required to participate. I am not on any insurance panels, but can provide you with the forms and codes necessary for reimbursement if you have arrangements to access out of network services. If you have a pretax medical spending account, I am happy to provide you with the necessary receipts. To determine if you child would benefit from individual or group instruction, please complete the intake form below, and email or fax it to me so I can be informed before we talk. Fax (916) 972-9500

“Worrying is like a rocking chair, it gives you something to do, but it doesn’t get you anywhere.” ~Anonymous