assessmentdisability350x372 The assessment of possible or known learning disabilities is the specialty of the educational psychologist! I provide evaluation or re-evaluation reports for learners of all ages. My background in neuroscience and research helps me to carefully evaluate information processing skills, to interpret the findings more accurately, and to link the findings to interventions in areas that have adequate research. It is important to note that many types of processing disorders or learning disabilities overlap, or co-occur. Often, a single processing disorder has been the focus of educational interventions, and I find that a more comprehensive assessment can enlighten the team about other approaches that are more effective. Good assessments can fine-tune or alter the path of intervention, and allow for greater academic and social success. As previously mentioned, my reports will describe specific strengths and weaknesses, statements about eligibility based on special education law, span the educational and psychological diagnostic criteria when appropriate, and provide specific statements about modifications, accommodations, placement, and/or remediation strategies.