consultationdoctors350x230 Often it is helpful for a pediatrician, counselor, school psychologist, psychiatrist, occupational therapist, speech therapist or other therapeutic practitioner to be aware of new information that comes to light via assessment or my interventions. Assessment services are often a good adjunct to other treatments, as they provide baselines prior to treatment and objective measures of outcomes. For students with attention deficits, computer based assessment of visual and auditory attention in combination with rating scales can be used prior to medication and after to objectively determine the effectiveness of the medication type or dosing. If you are working with a practitioner or doctor to treat your child, let me know and we can sign a Release of Information form that will allow me to either obtain or release information to the people of your choosing. I am happy to work with your practitioner to help them understand the nature of your child’s needs, progress toward goals, and/or treatment progress with medications. In order to share this confidential information with such individuals, I would need a signed release of information form from you.