Welcome to my website! If you have questions about your child’s learning, attention, or social-emotional behavior, I am here to help you put together the pieces!

This is an information web site for Mary Gwaltney, Ph.D., Licensed Educational Psychologist (LEP #2540) serving the Greater Sacramento area. I provide educationally-relevant screening and assessment, parent and school training, individual and group counseling/classes, and consultations to families and districts. My services are focused on helping families and schools understand more about a child’s strengths and needs, and what types of support are needed to maximize their personal and social effectiveness. If you read more about me and my services on this site, you will see that I tend to take a comprehensive ecological approach to working with a student. My role is to ensure that my clients fully understand the implications of the brain-behavior relationships at hand, and to have a clear plan to address any needs that are identified.