groupcounseling350x255 There are group classes available at every age level, and to meet the needs of typical and special needs children. Group learning opportunities are available to teach tools and strategies for:

  • Shyness/social anxiety
  • Coping with recurring stressors
  • Mastering intense emotions
  • Tolerating disappointment
  • Being flexible in unexpected situations
  • Silliness in unstructured social settings
  • Increase cognitive flexibility
  • Reduce the power of media and video game use
  • Successful parenting of the child with social and sensory challenges

The curriculum for each class is tailored to the needs of the participants, and would change from year to year.

These groups are a  joint venture with a Licensed Marriage Family Therapist, Anne Shideler. Anne coordinates the parent education component, while I coordinate the child/teen education, as groups require quite a bit of planning!  Classes typically meet twice a month in the afterschool hours, and typically meet throughout the school year (approximately 16 sessions). We carefully select our participants and ensure that their group placement is appropriate for their needs and developmental levels.

Feel free to contact me if you have questions!