consultationpreschools350x230 Parents and teachers are sometimes able to articulate what the current problems are but may not know how or if the preschool setting can best meet the child’s needs. Preschool teachers are creative individuals, but at times they need additional information about a child and how they can adapt to that child in a way that makes sense to them. Sometimes this means observing and consulting one or two times to ensure that a teacher understands a child’s needs and has some basic ideas about classroom management. It may mean sharing assessment findings, explaining how it relates to the classroom, and suggesting behavioral or educational accommodations. Occassionally, ongoing consultation is offered to help a child generalize learned skills to new settings, including the preschool setting. Preschool consultation is completed with minimal disruption to the classroom and with the utmost confidence. No one but the teacher will know that I am there to observe your child, and I make every attempt to blend in and support the teacher whenever possible. In order to complete a preschool observation or consultation, an intake meeting and release of information form is required.